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Welcome to Camp Tork Outfitters!

Whether you are just visiting or you live in the area, Camp Tork Outfitters is the place to rent a kayak and/or bike in the Six Lakes area.

Six Lakes and the surrounding area is a nature-lovers paradise. “Six lakes” is just that, six separate lakes that are conveniently connected by channels. You may paddle with ease from First Lake all the way to Fifth Lake (about a 2 hour round trip paddling at a steady pace). Sixth Lake isn't connected in a way that is accessible via water craft from Fifth Lake. The area the landscape of the local country roads make for very nice bike riding. 

Kayaks and bikes may be picked up or delivered. Delivery within Six Lakes is free. Delivery outside of the Six Lakes area (outside of a 10 radius) is available, but delivery charges may apply. Bicycle delivery to the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail in Edmore is also free. The trail parking area is located in Edmore at the Curtis Building on Sheldon Street and at  the pavillion on Forrest Street.

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Get 10% off all rental equipment if you are camping at First Lake Park. Just bring in your receipt or camp site permit.

Valid till 9/25/18.

Camp Tork Outfitters has what you're looking for

If you're looking for a mom and pop business that offers personalized and laid back customer service, then we hope you consider doing business with Camp Tork Outfitters. And if you're saying "How do I find the best Kayak Rental," we'd like you to contact us soon.